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What is a travel system?

What is a travel system?

A travel system is a pushchair that comes with a compatible baby car seat and often a carrycot.

They make journeys easier by allowing the car seat to simply click on and off the pushchair frame.

Is a travel system worth it?

If you are driving home in your own vehicle from the hospital you will need an infant carrier/car seat before you make the journey. This is the law (taxis and buses are exempt).

You are going to need a travel system if you have your own car and intend to transport your baby in it. The baby will be able to sleep in the carrycot and when it gets to the age of around 6 months (or is able to sit up or get on its knees) you need to switch over to the seat unit. So, if you are a driver, you really do need to invest in a travel system.










What does a travel system include?

A travel system includes:

  • A Carrycot

  • Pushchair seat unit (some have a carrycot that converts into seat unit)

  • A Chassis (the frame)

  • An Infant car seat

(It’s worth considering that some brands include accessories in their travel system packages - e.g. the Noordi brand. These include:

  • Cupholder.

  • Backpack/pram bag.

  • Rain cover.

  • Multi-Car Seat Adaptors.

  • Integrated mosquito net for carrycot

How long does a travel system last/What (baby) age do I stop using it?

You will use your travel system up until your child is around the age of three. Terms of how long a travel system will last depend on the brand (quality) and how it is looked after. Robust brands such as JANE are often still being pushed out on the streets after a decade of use.

Do you really need a travel system?

If you own a car or intend to use a car, a travel system is the best option and makes more sense from an economical point of view. But if you already happen to have an infant carrier (car seat) you would not need to buy a travel system.

What is the best travel system for a baby?

Depends on your lifestyle and your home. If you are tight on space, you will need a compact one.

Do you live in the city and use public transport? If so, you will need a light, compact pushchair.

And remember to consider the size of your boot. Does your pram fit in the boot when it is folded?

If you like all-terrain walks, opt for the award-winning (yet reasonably priced Noordi Fjordi) sustainable Scandi brand. If you travel on long journeys you may want to consider a JANE travel system which you can team up with a car seat/carrycot called the JANE MATRIX, the world’s only totally lie-flat car seat/carrycot that helps keep a baby’s airways open when he or she is sleeping in it in the lie-flat position. This means you are not limited to the half-hour travel rule for newborns.

Some travel systems come with an ISOfix car seat. If the car is non ISOfix the seat is fitted with the seat belts, and if it is ISOfix it is clicked into the car’s own anchorage points.










How much is a travel system?

Some travel systems start at around the £250 mark rising to £1500 or beyond. It is probably better to aim for a reasonable middle-of-the-road brand to ensure reasonable quality etc. Or, you could look for a bundle deal, that is a travel system that comes with other baby essentials such as cots or highchairs. Some retailers are able to offer great deals as they buy in bulk and can pass on the saving to you.

Cheap travel systems?

If you intend to opt for a cheap travel system make sure that it complies with British Standard 7409:1996 or BS EN 1888:2003. These standards lay out the requirement for all vehicles that are used to carry babies or children. If you intend to buy second hand you need to be very careful, especially with the functionality and safety of the car seat. If you are not sure of its history (has it been involved in a crash?) then it is not safe to use.

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This advice is a guide only. Please refer to manufacturers guidelines*

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