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Five Things To Avoid When Buying Your Pushchair
Published on: Tue 13 April 2021 11:43
A pushchair, or travel system, is one of the most expensive baby-related purchases you will ever make.
Pregnancy worries and how to deal with them
Published on: Thu 18 March 2021 14:39
6 most common pregnancy fears you may be dealing with now (3-minute read)
5 ways that getting outside can benefit you, your baby, and your family!
Published on: Thu 18 March 2021 12:54
The great outdoors is making a comeback
Are You pregnant? Top10 signs to look out for
Published on: Thu 11 March 2021 10:40
Our round-up of what happens to your body during pregnancy - 3 minute read
New Baby bundle trend emerges for 2021
Published on: Thu 11 March 2021 09:56
3 reasons why our customers are ‘bundling up’ and buying all their baby essentials in one go
Check out our 6 baby & child trends for 2021
Published on: Wed 17 February 2021 12:26
The most popular trends of 2021, including; Sustainability, online support, Nurseries and more!
What’s the best prams to suit your lifestyle
Published on: Tue 16 February 2021 14:33
Check out our comprehensive pushchair buying guide and top 5 tips
Please read this before you buy a car seat
Published on: Tue 16 February 2021 13:36
Essential information on car seat groups and legal requirements
The Most Popular Pushchairs, Prams and Buggies for 2021
Published on: Mon 08 February 2021 17:27
Buying a pram, pushchair, or travel system? Check out our 3-minute read.
3 ‘must-read’ sites for COVID-19 and Pregnancy
Published on: Mon 11 January 2021 13:46
This 2-minute read has great information about COVID & pregnancy.
How to Deal with Morning Sickness
Published on: Mon 11 January 2021 12:50
Check out our 2-minute read on how to cope with morning sickness!
Samuel Johnston's Special Delivery to Clic Sargent
Published on: Mon 04 January 2021 11:52
Children’s Cancer Charity, Clic Sargent, supports young cancer patients...
Samuel Johnston's 8 tips for baby's safer sleeping
Published on: Wed 22 January 2020 15:00
A ‘less than 2-minute read’ from Samuel Johnston Baby
5 things you need to consider before buying a car seat for your baby
Published on: Wed 22 January 2020 14:38
Finding the best car seat can be tough. There is i-Size, Isofix, swivel, and more jargon to wrap your head around. We've tried to make it easier!
Must-have items for outdoor adventures
Published on: Thu 03 May 2018 11:35
While we all love a lazy day on the sofa, getting out and about can be just as fun...
Pregnancy: A journey to motherhood.
Published on: Mon 26 March 2018 10:10
When it comes to preparing for the arrival of your new baby, there are lots of things to consider...
Road Trip Survival Guide
Published on: Thu 15 March 2018 10:58
Simple steps to make sure your next road trip with the kids is safe…...and happy.
Motherhood: The most precious gift in the world.
Published on: Mon 05 March 2018 12:19
Motherhood really is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It’s like entering a secret club that you have heard about but never truly...
Here's why you can trust us to deliver.
Published on: Thu 22 February 2018 16:28
Samuel Johnston Prams, the family business. Here's why you can trust us to deliver.
Samuel Johnston Prams gets behind baby charity TinyLife
Published on: Tue 20 February 2018 11:23
Samuel Johnston Prams, Mallusk, has launched a partnership with Tiny Life, Northern Ireland’s premature and sick baby charity.
Sleeping with it EVER safe?
Published on: Mon 12 February 2018 12:04
Here's the fact all parents need to know.
Chicco Next2Me
Published on: Tue 23 September 2014 10:39
This brilliant sleeptime idea from Chicco is now on display in our Belfast store and Mallusk showroom for anybody who would like a demonstration