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Tips for a Stress-Free Family Holiday with Young Children

Top Tips For Travelling With Babies

By Donna McCullough

Discover essential tips for a budget-friendly and enjoyable family vacation with young children. Learn about cost-saving opportunities, suitable accommodations, must-have items, and convenient stroller options.

1. Your window of opportunity, it's open now, but not for long.

The first big PLUS of travelling with very young children is that they are not at school. This translates to huge financial savings. My 2 children were less than 2 years apart and were very young when we made our first trip. But this meant we could avail of 'normal' prices before the summer holiday hike, and children under 2 are normally free (though you do have to take them on your knee on the plane).

So, you have a window of opportunity to take that holiday plunge before it gets too costly.

But of course, you need to be careful to pick somewhere that will still be warm off season. For us, the Canary Islands was, and still is, the ideal choice. Tenerife has always been a favorite of ours. The likes of Fuerteventura, while stunning, can be a bit windy.

2. Your accommodation will make or break your trip.

Once you have decided on a destination, make sure that your hotel or apartment complex is suitable. Here is what you should look for:

  • A well-run baby club (so you can have a break) - check Trip Advisor.
  • Access to a kettle, fridge, milk (maybe even a washing machine/iron).
  • A great range of food suitable for babies and children.
  • Good storage in the room.
  • Cots, highchairs, etc.
  • A safe balcony at the bar and in your room.
  • General safe spaces around the accommodation with dangerous drops secured.
  • An entertainment schedule specifically for children and adults.
  • A babysitting service.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Make sure it is a 'family hotel'.

3. As old fashioned as it sounds, the power of the list still exists!

When it comes to young children, there will be lots of things you need to bring on holiday, over and over again, for the next few years. I would strongly recommend that you get a special holiday notebook and keep a list. (This piece of sage advice was given to me by my mum). Nappies, wipes, baby food and formula, along with vests, will be top of your list. But there are other items that will make life easier, and a bit more fun. I have added a few links to essential items on our site that are on offer.

4. The right stroller for your family.

A compact stroller is key to a stress-free trip. You may not want to check your buggy into the hold of the plane, so you will require a cabin-friendly buggy. Of course, there is always the option of checking it into the hold. It's up to you.

But a buggy is a necessity for getting around and for when you are walking around at nighttime. You will want your little one to 'drop off' if you are out for a stroll, or if you are relaxing at the bar. There's up to 35% off the Samuel Johnston range of compact strollers now.

Remember to pack a blanket (for pulling over the stroller at night). You can save 33% on our Done By Deer blankets.

5. Don't sweat the small stuff.

There is nothing worse than running around on holiday trying to purchase that 'essential' you have forgotten! Many good all-inclusive hotels are not that close to supermarkets and are a bit out on their own, and hotel shops are notoriously expensive. Remember you will need a parasol with clamps or a sunshade for the daytime heat. A baby carrier is also a good option, especially for those who like to go for a bit of a hike.

Bottles, feeding accessories, bottle brush, and sterilizing tablets should be top of your list, along with a few bibs. You can save 15% on our TOMMEE TIPEE RANGE and 18% ON BIBS.

6. Keeping an ear out.

If you are lucky enough to have a bit of space to yourself in your holiday apartment or hotel room, you may find it useful to bring a baby monitor. And you might want to consider reining them in as well if you are out and about! I was never that keen on reins, but my husband seemed to get the hang of them!

7. Dipping your toe in the water. Go on.

It would be such a shame not to venture into the pool with your baby. I loved the JANE Mother and Baby Keeper Floater. Without it, I would have been too nervous to venture into the water with my baby.

8. Packing like a pro.

If you are with Jet 2, you will be able to take SO much luggage with you. But to be honest, less is more. And that applies to baby and you! Take a few nice outfits for the evening disco and enjoy taking some video and photographs. They grow up so quickly! Our site has 65% off clothing now.

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