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New Baby bundle trend emerges for 2021

Pushchair Package Deals, or Baby bundles, are growing increasingly popular with our online customers. We decided to dig a bit deeper to try and find out why this new shopping trend is so popular.

1. The Covid-19 factor

With the shop doors firmly shut, pregnant parents have not been able to get out and about to pick up all the bits and pieces for their new arrival. And that is a great pity. Shopping for a new baby is such a lovely thing to do. It is a great opportunity for a wonderful day out trying the various strollers and finding out what one best suits your lifestyle. Many parents have absolutely no idea what they want, or what they actually need. It is a chance to talk to shop assistants and get much needed help and advice. But with that avenue closed, customers must go online. And sometimes it is easier to get everything in one go. We would advise you make your purchase from a trusted site that has product in stock, delivers for free, offers guarantees and good customer service. You may also need to buy from a site that offers a trusted payment plan.

2. The Generous Grandparents

Many grandparents, or other realtives, like to help out when there is a new baby joining the family. It’s an exciting time and everyone wants to rally round and help out. So, rather that waste loads of time buying things that may not be liked, we find that our customers are happy to go online, identfiy the package or bundle they want to purchase, and, in many cases, other familiy members (usually the grandparents-to-be, 😊) are happy to pay, or contribute.

3. The Savvy Shopper

Many of our customers put a great deal of time and effort into researching partcular brands. They may be keen on checkng the safety credientals of products, or they may be more intersted in how far up that mountain they can go in a particualr buggy. Others parent may have concerns such as how compact or light a buggy is. Some are focused on how the pram looks, or the comfort and safety features it provides. Once the research is comple and you find your perfect pram or travel system, it makes financial sense to buy a bundle. And because Sameul Johnston is a well established family compnay, with great buying power, we can get great deals from our suppliers and pass thee savings on to our lovely customers!


To make things easier for our online customers, we have created our exclusive online pram buying guide and our online car seat buying guide

We hope you find these useful!

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