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Road Trip Survival Guide

Road Trip Tips and adviceSimple steps to make sure your next road trip with the kids is safe…...and happy.

Planning a road trip over the holidays? Travelling with the kids can be exhausting! Everyone gets tired of being cooped up. It’s uncomfortable for mums-to-be and babies and preschoolers can get cranky. But take heart, there are things a clever parent can do to make travelling with children as comfortable, calm and safe as possible. 


Safe Child Car SeatCar seat safety first.

Having a safe car seat for your child that is installed correctly should be the number one rule for a long car journey (or any car journey for that matter). Safety should be your top priority. It is crucial to purchase a car seat designed for your infant’s age and size. Here at Samuel Johnston we can advise you on the best car seat to suit your child’s needs. Check out our car seat buying guide here.

Car Seat Buying Guide


Shelter from the sun.Car Sun Blinds

Make sure you can protect your baby from sun with car sunshades that you can attach to a window. A hat for your baby may also be good to have available. 

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Car Baby MirrorBuy a mirror.

It can be convenient to buy a portable mirror and set it up so that you can see your baby clearly from the front seat of the car. You’ll be able to check on your infant more easily, and he or she will also be able to see you. 


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Compact buggy or stroller for the car.compact Travel Buggy

When you finally arrive at your destination it is good idea to have a buggy to transfer your little one into, it will be welcome relief from being stuck in a car seat. The Cosatto Woosh is a great choice, it is super compact so won’t take up much room in the boot along side the rest of your must have travel essentials. Suitable from birth up to 25kg, the sturdy chassis lets your toddler use it for longer. With lockable front-swivel wheels and all-round suspension, nothing’s getting in Woosh’s way.


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Keep child Entertained in the carFocus on entertainment.

You want to keep your child happy during this trip to avoid on-the-road meltdowns. So, bring their favorite toys and books, but don't let her have all of them at once. Instead, give them to her one at a time so when they get bored with one toy, you can simply hand them a new one. We have a great range of toys suitable for in car entertainment here. 


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Some handy final tips are…

Prep the car 

Make sure your vehicle is safe and ready for the long ride. Fill up the tank, check the tire pressure, change the oil if needed -- the last thing you want is to break down with your baby in tow.


Pack wisely

Besides the usual baby stuff you'll need during the trip (nappies, wipes, etc.), bring along a change of clothes, a blanket/comfort (or anything that helps baby sleep well), snacks, and a rubbish bag to toss things like dirty nappies and empty snack wrappers.


Bring a first-aid kit

Of course, you don't want any mishaps to occur, but it's always wise to be prepared just in case. Take along any prescription medications that your baby requires, baby paracetamol in case a fever occurs, or baby is teething, nappy rash treatment, and, of course, bandages.


Take frequent breaks.

You and your kids will both do better if you stop to rest every so often. Also take turns between driving and entertaining the kids.

Trust us to help you and your family have a happier car journey

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