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Quinny Logo “We’re dedicated to creating beautiful products that can grow together with the development of your child; to have the ideal solution for the present, with an eye to the future.”

Quinny products appeal to the urban environment. Quinny’s natural habitat is the city, where you feel completely at home. The energy of the streets makes your clock tick. It’s no wonder that you are raising your children here too. It’s a life full of bumps, bends and opportunities. Anything the city throws at you, you accept with a gracious smile; because you easily adapt to your surroundings and you shape them to fit you.

Quinny’s product range is designed with this lifestyle in mind. Quinny believe in adding true value so they support you with functional solutions and services that help you overcome urban obstacles - the small challenges that you face every day as a parent. Quinny create clever mobility solutions for parents on the go – so you can always walk your way!