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The Shnuggle Wishy Washy Bath Bundle! 

Perfect for those bath times! Now you can have your little one sqeauky clean and all while having lots of fun! We have everything you need right here in one BIG bundle!

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x Shnuggle Baby Bath - White/Grey
  • 1 x Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug
  • 1 x Shnuggle Wishy Bath Toy


Shnuggle Baby Bath

Introducing the multi-award-winning Shnuggle Baby Bath, ingeniously designed to transform bathtime from a task into a joy for both newborns and parents. With its unique bum bump support and compact size, this bathtub creates a secure, warm, and comfortable bathtime experience from the very first bath up to 12+ months.

The Shnuggle Baby Bath brings a revolution to baby bathtime, providing an unparalleled combination of safety, comfort, and convenience. Suitable from birth, the innovative bum bump design supports even the smallest babies in an upright position, ensuring they stay safe and secure. The foam backrest adds extra comfort, while the handy plug allows for easy water management. Designed for both babies and parents, this bath offers a cosy environment that retains heat, ensuring your little one stays warm throughout their bath. It’s no surprise that it’s a gold winner at the 2023 Junior Design Awards, making it a top choice for newborn essentials.

Key Features:

  • Bum Bump Support: Prevents baby from sliding, offering a safe, secure position.
  • Foam Backrest: Provides additional comfort for a pleasant bathtime.
  • Handy Water Plug: Simplifies emptying and refreshing the bathwater.
  • Compact Design: Ensures water stays warm longer with a minimum of just 2 litres.
  • Award-Winning: Gold winner at the 2023 Junior Design Awards for Best Baby Bath.

Technical Spec:

  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Size: Base approx 34cm deep x 25.5cm wide, Height to tallest part 35cm
  • Material: Non-toxic polypropylene, BPA and phthalate Free
  • Care Instructions: Clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water

Safety Information:

  • Fully tested to BS EN 17072:2018 standards.
  • Ideal water temperature for baby’s bath is 37°C.
  • Always maintain close supervision. Drowning can happen quickly and in just 2cm of water.


Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug

Introducing the Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug, the ultimate bathtime accessory designed to make bathing a joy for babies and children of all ages. With Washy, ensure a tear-free and comfortable experience, thanks to its innovative design that keeps water away from your little one's eyes during hair rinsing.

The Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug is expertly crafted with a soft rim that gently conforms to the shape of your baby's head, ensuring water flows away from sensitive eyes. Its ergonomic soft feel handle allows for a secure and comfortable grip, making it easy to rinse your baby's hair. Designed for convenience, the jug also features a hook to neatly attach it to the Shnuggle Baby and Toddler baths, ensuring it's always within reach. Available in various colours, the Washy Bath Jug is the perfect complement to your Shnuggle bath collection.

Key Features:

  • Soft Rim Design: Gently contours around baby's head to protect sensitive eyes from water.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Comfortable grip for easy and precise pouring.
  • Storage Hook: Conveniently attaches to Shnuggle Baby and Toddler baths for quick access.
  • Colour Options: Can match beautifully with Shnuggle Baby Bath colourways for a coordinated bathtime.

Technical Spec:

  • Weight: 0.13kg
  • Capacity: Holds approximately 350 ml of water
  • Care Instructions: Clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water

Safety Information:

  • BPA, Phthalate, and heavy metal-free
  • Fully tested to all relevant EU standards
  • Recommended water temperature for baby is 37°C


Shnuggle Wishy Bath Toy

Ignite your baby's bath time with magic and wonder through the Shnuggle Wishy Bath Toy. This enchanting light-up toy is crafted to delight tiny hands and stimulate growing minds, making every bath time an adventure in sensory development. From its gentle, soothing light to its engaging, interactive design, Wishy is the ideal companion for your little one's watery explorations.

The Shnuggle Wishy Bath Toy offers more than just fun; it’s a sensory voyage designed to support your newborn's early developmental stages. With its newborn-safe, warm yellow light that soothes and promotes sleep, and a texture that encourages sensory development, Wishy is perfect for playful learning. It's designed to be easily grasped by little hands and encourages coordination with its pull-apart and connectable components, offering endless fun and discovery in the bath.

Product Highlights:

  • Sensory Development: Soft light and textures support sensory growth and exploration.
  • Interactive Play: Designed to scoop, pour, pull apart, and connect, fostering motor skills and coordination.
  • Soothing Light: Emits a warm yellow light, creating a calming environment conducive to bedtime routines.
  • Safe and Durable: BPA, Phthalate, and PAH free, ensuring a safe play experience in and out of the bath.

Features & Benefits:

  • Supports Early Development: Encourages sensory, cognitive, and physical development through play.
  • Versatile Fun: Multiple ways to play help keep baby engaged and entertained during bath time.
  • Child-Friendly Design: Perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and manipulate.
  • Hygiene and Safety: Easy to clean and designed to prevent water entrapment, minimizing mould risk. Battery sealed for safety and longevity.

Specifications / Size & Fit:

  • Size: 7.4cm x 7.4cm x 5.8cm
  • Weight: 0.13 kg
  • Care Instructions: Clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.
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