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Cozy N Safe are a child car seat manufacturer that prides itself on creating safe and comfortable car seats that children
will adore sitting in.

We develop car seats to the highest standards, adhering to the most current safety regulations, providing peace of
mind to the parent/guardian. This, accompanied by the extreme comfort our seats have ensure that you are left
with the most complete experience.

As parents ourselves we know how challenging and rewarding it is to raise children and therefore wanted to create
safe, ergonomic and stylish seats to protect and comfort your little ones on their journey.

Our team have grown from strength to strength, gaining a high level of expertise in child restraint systems. Our seats
have won multiple awards and received significant acclaim in their respective categories.

We use cutting edge technologies and follow contemporary fashion trends qualifying them to accompany the most
aesthetically pleasing car interiors.

We are on a venture to bring you Comfort and Safety without compromise, without limit and without fear.