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Evoke 4in1 Cotbed + Change Area Dresser - Dove Grey

This bundle includes:

  • Evoke 4 in 1 Nursery Furniture System - (Crib, Cotbed, Toddler bed & Sofa)
  • Change Area Dresser including Changing mattress with removable washable cover.
  • Mattress for Evoluer Crib
  • 2in1 Spring Mattress for Evoke Cot bed


Cocoon Evoke 4 in 1 Cotbed Nursery Furniture System

The Ultimate Long-Term Solution for Your Growing Child

Transforming with Your Child: From Newborn to School-Ready

Discover the unparalleled versatility and timeless design of the Cocoon Evoke 4 in 1 Nursery Furniture System. This comprehensive furniture solution, crafted from sustainable New Zealand Pine Wood, evolves with your child from their first night home to their school years, embodying Cocoon's commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Product Overview

The Evoke 4 in 1 system begins its journey as a bassinet/crib, offering mobility with its optional legs or wheels for easy relocation around your home. As your child grows, it seamlessly transitions into a cot, then into a toddler bed with the inclusion of a safety rail, and ultimately into a sofa bed for lounging, ensuring it remains a vital part of your child’s environment through all stages of development.

What's Included:

  • Bassinet/Crib with Mattress
  • Cot Conversion Kit
  • Toddler Bed Rail
  • Sofa Bed Conversion
  • 4 Castor Swivel Wheels
  • 4 Timber legs

Product Highlights:

  • Award-Winning Innovation: Celebrated for its smart, adaptable design, the Evoke 4 in 1 stands out as a pinnacle of nursery furniture excellence.
  • Sustainable and Durable: Exclusively made from New Zealand Pine Wood, prioritizing your child's safety and environmental responsibility.
  • Versatile Design: Transforms from a bassinet/crib to a cot, then a toddler bed, and finally a sofa bed, growing alongside your child from birth to 5+ years.
  • Ease of Movement: Features four lockable wheels for easy transport across rooms, keeping your baby always by your side.
  • Optimal Comfort and Safety: Adjustable mattress base height and maximum ventilation ensure your child's comfort and well-being.

Features & Benefits:

  • Long-Term Investment: Designed to serve your child from newborn stages to approximately 5 years, adapting to their changing needs.
  • Customizable Comfort: Adjustable mattress base height for easy access and safety as your child grows.
  • Healthy Environment: Slatted sides and base promote maximum ventilation, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment.
  • Hassle-Free Assembly: Designed for straightforward setup, allowing you to prepare your nursery with ease.
  • Peace of Mind: Backed by a 5-year warranty, reflecting Cocoon's confidence in their product's quality and durability.

Specifications / Size & Fit:

  • External Sizes: Bassinet crib: 93 x 57 cm; Cot & toddler bed: 143 x 76 cm
  • Internal Sizes: Bassinet crib: 89 x 54 cm; Cot & toddler bed: 140 x 72 cm
  • Mattress Sizes: Bassinet crib: 89 x 54 cm; Cot & toddler bed: 140 x 70 cm
  • Age Suitability: From birth to 5+ years approx.
  • Safety Standards: Complies with BS EN 716-1:2017+AC:2019, BS EN 716-2:2017, BS 8509:2008+A1:2011, BS EN 16890:2017, and BS EN 1130:2019.

Ideal Uses:

This all-encompassing furniture system is designed for parents who value sustainability, quality, and functionality. It's perfect for creating a safe, comfortable, and stylish nursery that adapts to your child's growth and changing needs, from serene sleep settings to a playful sofa bed for relaxation and reading time.

Evoke 4in1 cotbed dove grey


Cocoon Change Area Dresser

The Ultimate Nursery Companion

The Cocoon Change Area/Dresser: A Harmonious Blend of Style and Functionality

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Cocoon Change Area/Dresser epitomizes the innovative design philosophy that Cocoon furniture is renowned for. This piece isn't merely a changing table; it's a statement of style and practicality, designed to enrich your nursery with its multi-functional versatility.

Product Introduction

The Change Area Dresser, with its three spacious, fully extendable drawers and an integrated changing station, offers unparalleled convenience for parents. Constructed from the finest sustainable New Zealand Pine Wood and American Ash hardwood, this dresser/change area stands as a testament to Cocoon's commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative design. The inclusion of a changing mattress pad, complete with a removable and machine washable cover, ensures comfort and ease for both parent and child, from newborn stages and beyond.

What's Included:

  • Cocoon Change Area Dresser
  • Changing mattress pad with removable, machine washable cover

Product Highlights:

  • Award-Winning Design: Recognized for its outstanding design and functionality.
  • Sustainable Materials: Crafted from New Zealand Pine Wood and American Ash hardwood, without the use of MDF or veneers.
  • Convertible and Long-Lasting: Designed to adapt and last, offering great value over time.
  • 5-Year Warranty: Demonstrating Cocoon's confidence in their quality craftsmanship and durability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Safety First: Meets EN 12221:2008+A1:2013 and EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014 safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for parents.
  • Sustainable Craftsmanship: Made with sustainable materials, reflecting Cocoon's dedication to environmental responsibility.
  • Versatile Storage Solutions: Three fully extendable drawers provide ample storage space, keeping nursery essentials organized and within reach.
  • Ease of Use: The integrated changing station, paired with the comfortable changing pad, offers convenience and functionality.

Specifications / Size & Fit:

  • Change Area (top of dresser): 92 x 48 x 5 cm (36.3 x 18.8 x 2.0 in)
  • Dresser Dimensions: 96 x 51.5 x 87 cm (37.7 x 20.2 x 34.1 in.)
  • Product Weight: 61kg
  • Safety Compliance: EN 12221:2008+A1:2013, EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014

Ideal Uses:

Perfect for modern nurseries, the Cocoon Change Area Dresser offers a stylish and practical solution for changing and storing your baby's essentials. Its durable design ensures it can be repurposed as your child grows, making it ideal for parents looking for long-term value.



Forrest 2in1 Cot Bed Spring Mattress

This 2in1 mattress features a reversible, removable, washable cover. One side is crafted using eco-friendly bamboo yarn which is as soft as cashmere and silk, but as durable as cotton. And the other side is a cushioned polyester fabric which is water-resistant. fully breathable and quilted for extra comfort.


  • Bamboo - Think green and let your child sleep soundly with a Bamboo covered mattress that is as soft as cashmere and silk, but as durable as cotton.
  • Hypo-allergenic - Crafted using eco-friendly bamboo yarn, which is naturally hypo-allergenic.
  • Antibacterial - Always fresh and natural. Bamboo's natural antibacterial defences also act as a deodorant, keeping the Bamboo mattress fabric smelling fresh and natural. The Bamboo mattress yields a unique resistance to pests, bacteria, and fungus.
  • Open spring core - The ultimate comfort as it provides the extra support and reduces pressure points for your child as they grow, whilst the outer cover provides a soft breathable sleeping surface which allows the free flow of air, keeping baby cool and regulating their heat.
  • Foam and polyester wadding - the mattress core is surrounded with an inch of hypo-allergenic foam with polyester wadding for extra comfort.
  • Designed and made in the UK.
  • Conforms to British Standards BS EN16890:2017 and BS 7177.
  • Manufactured without the use of antimony, phosphorus, or arsenic based fire-retardant treatments.
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