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Bugaboo Buggy Boards

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Perfect for your older but still little one to ride along with you and your baby in the buggy. This minor detail is a whole world of fun for your toddler! 

Bugaboo Butterfly Comfort Wheeled Board+
Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board+ Adapter
Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board +
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Innovation is in our DNA

Bugaboo have been at the forefront of pushchair innovation since starting in 1999 and continue to invent, develop, test and manufacture products that combine beautiful design with long-lasting functionality. Made to use every day. Designed to last a lifetime.

You’ve got this

Bugaboo are not here to present a perfect view of parenthood. We get that it’s not always easy, but they know that it’s always worth it. The Bugaboo range of extraordinary products has been designed to meet you where you are as a parent and as a person, and while we can’t guarantee meltdown-free mornings or eight-hour-sleep nights, we can guarantee that you’ve got this.