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Bruder Toy Cars, Trains, Boats & Planes

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1 - 18 of 18 Products

Imagination is an amazing thing. Children’s imagination is even better.

We have a huge range of toys and gifts here that children will find incredibly fascinating! From bright JCBs to little pink tea parties, they can have fun with it all and we have it all!

For decades, the Bruder company has been developing and manufacturing toys and distributing them with great international success under the brand name BRUDER.

The development of our toys focuses on the fun factor, the suitability for children and the safety of the toys. This is why our products are developed exclusively by our own experienced personnel.
The materials required for production undergo a careful selection process. We only trust suppliers well known for their reliability and quality.

More than 98% of our products are made at our own factory in Fürth/Germany. Throughout production, we monitor and control all required steps until the products are shipped. All products are subjected to tests that are performed by an independent testing institute and comply with all standards applicable to the safety of toys in each country where our products are sold, e.g. EN71 in Europe and ASTM in the USA.