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Pram Bundle Deals

These clever little bundles are designed to make your shopping experience a lot easier! We understand that the choices are endless, and it is difficult to understand what you need when shopping for your baby, that is why we have created our pram bundle deals which all contain your pram, car seat and any adaptors needed for a great price too!

Pram Bundles

Then we have designed our bundles to fit in line with your lifestyle or budget with 3 types to choose from, they are explained below:

Essential Bundles Explained

These Bundles contain the essentials that are needed for you and your little one. You'll get your pram, car seat and any needed adaptors, you will also receive a bedside crib to make sleep time better and a highchair or bouncer chair to make feeding time easier!

Premium Bundles Explained

Like the Essential Bundle, this Bundle includes everything that you need for your baby, this time the bedside crib and the highchair are upgraded and you will get a rocker as an additional part. This all comes at an amazing saving to you!

Luxury Bundles Explained

Luxury Bundles are the best of the best, they are similar to the other bundle types, where they contain everything that you need for your little one, this time however, you get the best options that we think are available while still still saving money!

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Family-owned BabyStyle have in recent years developed and become a major operator in the UK and international baby product markets. With a primary focus on strollers, nursey furniture and infant car seats, their brands have accrued significant industry recognition over the years.

Oyster3 Pushchair at Samuel Johnston


The Oyster3 is a pioneer in the stroller market with its superb engineering and ease of use

Oyster Zero Gravity Pushchair at Samuel Johnston

Oyster Zero Gravity

A lightweight stroller, versatile enough to be a from-birth travel system or a second stroller

Oyster Capsule i-Size car seat at Samuel Johnston

Oyster Capsule i-Size car seat

Luxurious, comfortable and co-ordinates perfectly with the Oyster pushchair range

Charnwood Furniture at Samuel Johnston

Charnwood Furniture

Excellent craftsmanship, keen attention to detail and superb quality. Effortlessly beautiful furniture, inspired by designs from all over the world.

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BabyStyle Oyster 3 Essential Travel & Nursery Bundle, Fossil
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Essential Travel & Nursery Bundle, Moon
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RRP £1236.00
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Looking for an easy and convenient way to buy all the equipment you need for your new arrival. Buying a Pram Bundle will save you time and effort as you get everything you need in each bundle! We've got high quality prams, car seats, high chairs & easily bundled together saving you time and money. Check out our Pram Bundle Deals from top brands like iCandy, Silver Cross, Joie, Jane, Bugaboo, Egg, Ickle Bubba, Joolz, Noordi and more! 

Why buy a Pram Bundle Deal?

Here at Samuel Johnston, we've been in the pram business since 1936 and we want to make your life easier. Pram bundles are all the products you will need for your new baby all bundled together at a great price! Each Pram Bundle includes a Pram, a Car Seat, a Bedside Crib, a Highchair and ALL adaptors you may need for each product - There is no catch, just great value high quality baby equipment. 

Whats the difference between an Essential, Premium and Luxury Bundle?

All Pram Bundles come with all the equipment you need for your baby, a Pram, Highchair, Car Seat, a Bedside Crib and any adaptors you may need. Premium Pram Bundles feature a slightly higher spec High Chair and Crib, and an additional rocking chair. Luxury Pram Bundles contain all the same products as the premium bundle but the High Chair and Crib adapt for your child's age up to 4 years old.

When should I buy my Pram Bundle?

All products are held in our warehouse which means that we can have your Pram Bundle to you within the week, depending on where you are in the world. For specific country shipping details check out our shipping and delivery page.

Still not sure what Pram Bundle is right for you? Contact us and chat to one of our experts!

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