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Baby Elegance -   It all began when Tim Costello made his first pair of booties for his baby daughter, Louise from his family home in Dublin. Investing in an industrial sewing machine and textiles from a local wholesaler, he created his first product for Baby Elegance – ‘Brogeens’. Little did he know that he had taken his first step in creating a successful business that has spanned over 4 decades!


Baby Elegance  Alita Auto Swing
Baby Elegance  Alita Bouncer
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Bouncers, rockers and swings can keep your baby entertained for hours! They are the perfect playtime partners! 

They don’t just provide entertainment either! Some are used for rest and relaxation, baby loves the swing and rocking motions, many mums claim that their babies only sleep in the car. Save money on petrol and buy a rocker instead!