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Meep! Meep!

The new MEEP! Touch Screen Tablet PC for Kids!

MEEP! is an innovative, interactive, rugged Wi-Fi enabled tablet featuring amazing zForce® touch screen technology designed for kids.
Access a vast library of pre-loaded games, apps, e-books, music and more all at the touch of your finger. Plus download hundreds of action packed games, challenging learning activities and more. All that’s needed is your imagination and the desire to have a blast!

Parental Controls:
Nothing is more important than your child's safety.  Thats why the MEEP! comes packed with easy to use parental control features which allow you to control every aspect of the tablets use.
From how long they can play, who they can chat to, which websites are available the MEEP! tablet puts the parent firmly in control so you have absolute peace of mind at all times.

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